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What is Polylith Synthetic Paper?

Polylith is an extremely versatile, polymer-based material that prints like paper but boasts the best properties of plastic.  Polylith is far stronger than conventional paper and supports a massive selection of grades, gauges, finishes which make Polylith a serious consideration for almost any application. Take a close look around your house or the next time you walk through a store. There’s a good chance what you’re holding is made of Polylith.

Properties and Benefits
Polylith is resistant to water, chemicals, oils and grease. It is dimensionally-stable when exposed to moisture and humidity and can withstand temperatures ranging from -23F to 220F.  Polylith is resistant to cracking, shrinking or distortion in size or color.  Polylith even satisfies relevant CONEG, CA Prop 65, Ozone and FDA requirements for food contact, depending on specific grade selection.

Polylith prints like an absolute dream.  As with traditional papers, Polylith is extremely printer-friendly including flexographic, lithographic, gravure, letterpress, screen printing and thermal transfer and requires no pre-treatment. Polylith boasts excellent bonding properties which means it does not absorb ink so you get bright, vibrant colors, excellent ink coverage, and superior print fidelity.

Polylith performs great through finishing including embossing, foil stamping, glueing, scoring, perforating, die-cutting or thermal-forming.

Recycling and Environmental
We feel strongly about preserving our natural forests and Polylith can play a large role in this effort.  Polylith is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. It produces no toxic gases when incinerated. Better yet, since it is a polyolefin-based synthetic paper, Polylith can be recycled along with other plastic packaging materials, such as PE, PP and PET bottles, without the need to separate the materials in the recycling process. Polylith is environmentally-friendly and is manufactured in accordance with strict pollution control procedures.

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