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Product Information: The PP sheet is a newly-developed item by Nan Ya Plastics Corporation following the production of CPP film to meet the market demand, it is an extruded product of T-die made of PP, which can be processed unto flat sheet and embossed sheet in single tone or dual tone in the thickness of 0.18mm to 1.7mm. This kind of PP Sheet is characterized by it is low specific gravity, low static property, excellent thermoforming behavior, excellent heat resistance and cold resistance. It is suitable for manufacture of the thermoformed packaging on thermoforming for food and electronic packaging. Material Description: 1.High stiffness, lighter gravity, environmental friendly, Non-toxic, odorless. 2.Low static. 3.Excellent chemical resistance, Excellent heat resistance, Excellent cold resistance and impact resistance. 4.Excellen thermoforming and press thermoforming. 5.With characteristics of single tone or dual tone. 6.In conformity with the national food hygiene standard Article 6 of sanitation standard for Food Utensils, Containers and Packages and Bisphenol A standard.
1.Stationery & Gift: File, Folder, Binder, Sheet etc. 2.Articles for daily use: Cutting board, DIY storage cabinets, Mouse pad etc. 3.Thermoforming/Press thermoforming processing: Food containers, Anti static boxes, Medical use etc. 4.Industrial electronic: Isolation plate,Anti static plate,UV resistant plate etc. 5.Others use: For printing, For lamination, For sports board, Waves sheet etc.

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